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The Money Clips

E-Learning / Interactive Video Personal Finance Course

This is the latest addition to “The Money Ride Financial Literacy Solution.” This all-inclusive interactive video course is based on the self-help text and consists of seven interactive video lessons (6-10 minutes in length). The content uses brain-based learning techniques to cover money fundamentals, behavior and problem solving in the context of five the domains of money behavior: SPEND, SAVE, INVEST, PROTECT & BORROW.

Course Elements

$ Course includes Teacher’s Guide and Toolbox of learning materials. $
$ Each student receives PDF copy of the self-help text. $
$ Author-hosted ZOOM Review/Q & A. $
$ Student & Facilitator dashboard for progress and completion monitoring/reporting. $
$ Teacher training & support by the author. $
$ Content aligned with the HEOA, CEE & JumpStart Financial Literacy Standards. $

Course Elements

Duration: 10 months (Oct 15-Apr 30 + June 1 -Aug 15)
Course Base Cost: $250.00*
Course Seat Cost: $3/student
* Base cost is locked in perpetuity for all 2021 Licenses

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English & Spanish Versions

This self-help text book uses a creative metaphor approach to teaching money mechanics and effective money behavior.

The book features a complete yet concise coverage of the five behavioral domains of financial decisions: Spending, Saving, Investing, Protecting and Borrowing…easy to learn and easy to remember!

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Spanish PDF $9.95 Add to cart

English PDF $9.95 Add to cart


Teachers Guide-The Money Ride

Complete Guided Lesson Plans

This guide features a detailed lesson plan for each chapter in the book, The Money Ride.Content  includes  activities, discussions, quizzes and print masters for handouts and forms.

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Additional Resources

The downloadable toolbox contains a variety of additional resources including activities, rubric, budget system, student and parent surveys and most importantly, a Power Point presentation based on the book and which supports the goal of achieving financial self-reliance.
*Available only as a PDF download.*

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