The Money Clips

E-Learning / Interactive Video Personal Finance Course

This is the latest addition to “The Money Ride Financial Literacy Solution.” This all-inclusive interactive video course is based on the self-help text and consists of seven interactive video lessons (6-10 minutes in length). The content uses brain-based learning techniques to cover money fundamentals, behavior and problem solving in the context of five the domains of money behavior: SPEND, SAVE, INVEST, PROTECT & BORROW.

Course Elements

$ Course includes Teacher’s Guide and Toolbox of learning materials.
$ Each student receives PDF copy of the self-help text.
$ Student & Facilitator dashboard for progress and completion monitoring/reporting.
$ Teacher training & support by the author. 
$ Content aligned with the HEOA, CEE & JumpStart Financial Literacy Standards.

Course Elements

Duration: 10 months (Oct 15-Apr 30 + June 1 -Aug 15)
Course Base Cost: $300.00*
Course Seat Cost: $5/student
* Base cost is locked in perpetuity for all 2021 Licenses

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English & Spanish Versions

This NEW 5th edition of the self-help text book uses a creative metaphor approach to teaching the fundamentals of personal finance with an emphasis on sound money behavior.

The book features a complete yet concise coverage of the five behavioral domains of financial decisions: Spending, Saving, Investing, Protecting and Borrowing…easy to read, learn and remember!

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English PDF $6.95 Add to cart


Complete Guided Lesson Plans

This guide features a detailed lesson plan for each chapter in the book, The Money Ride.Content  includes  activities, discussions, quizzes and print masters for handouts and forms.

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Additional Resources

The downloadable toolbox contains a variety of additional resources including activities, rubric, budget system, student and parent surveys and most importantly, a Power Point presentation based on the book and which supports the goal of achieving financial self-reliance.
*Available only as a PDF download.*

Personal Finance
Online Training Course

Independent Study & Classroom

The student’s edition of the online course is based on the self-help text book, The Money Ride and consists of  seven video lessons: Each Lesson is aligned with a chapter from the book.  

Lessons are broken down into brief segments  to hold interest and are reinforced with quiz review questions to check comprehension.  Performance reporting for each lesson and at course completion.

Student groups/classes are assigned a separate URL address for ease of performance monitoring and reporting .

A group/class license will  provide up to  250 “seats” and  course access for 10 months divided into two sessions: October-April and June-August.

Group License                                   $300.00        

(250 seats max / 10 months)

Student Monitoring                           $5/seat



Student Monitoring ($5/seat) 

250 seats/ 12 month access Purchase Group License

Group License                                   $300.00        

(250 seats max / 10 months)

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