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The Money Ride Book – PDF Version

English PDF $9.95

  • English PDF Version
  • Suitable for self study

The Money Ride is called “The Ride of a Lifetime” because your pursuit of financial success through the efficient management of your personal finances is a lifelong adventure.

The Money Ride self-help text uses a mnemonics approach to introducing the fundamentals of personal finance. It is written primarily for high school & college age readers, but can be a useful “refresher” course for financial novices of any age.   

The book explores  money basics  in the context of five  domains of  money behavior: SPEND, SAVE, INVEST, PROTECT and BORROW with a  an emphasis on encouraging sound money behavior based on self-awareness, clarity and confidence. 


* The principles upon which money operates are constant, durable and measurable, which makes them a reliable foundation for developing habits and making decisions.
*Everyone has their own personal definition of what it means to be financially successful based on how money is important to them.
*Financial self-reliance is a necessary prerequisite to achieving financial security, and it is based upon sound money habits.
“The Money Ride is the ride of a lifetime and we are all on it!”