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This course is for you if:

You want to learn how to manifest more effectively    

You know you have gifts you want to access, but you’re not sure how

You’re a survivor, but you want to learn to thrive

You are ready to take your dreams to the next level


Course Description

The Mind Alignment Protocol is a personal development course designed to facilitate increasingly effective manifestation.

Our program combines mindset, meditation, mindfulness practices and somatic techniques to help student take control of their own lives. It provides practical tools, exercises, and affirmation and prepares participants to step into their power.

We create an introspective environment that seeks to clear blockages and pave a path to increased actualization.

Our mission is to make empowerment affordable, so this course can be taken one-on-one, in a group coaching environment, or even as a DIY video series.

What We Cover:

Week 1: Understanding Trauma

  • Trauma doesn’t have to be extreme to have a lasting effect on your life. In this unit we create a working definition of trauma and discuss its’ impact as a block to manifestation.
  • We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students cope with identify and acknowledge your blocks, soothe stress, and begin to chart your own course forward.


Week 2: Releasing the Past

  • Letting go can be more daunting than it sounds. This module will explore why letting go is key to moving forward. Instead of sweeping the past under the rug, we bring the Light to our own awareness.
  • You’ll begin learning how to assess emotions objectively and create some customized somatic recipes to address specific challenges and build more functional coping strategies that you can use in everyday situations.


Week 3: Perfecting the Present

  • One of the greatest difficulties in modern life is to remain present in the moment. This module is all about coming to terms with where you are, so that you can move forward in a direction of your choosing.
  • This step is where you accept yourself, re-write your story, and really clear the path for powerful manifestation.


Module 4: Ignite Your Future

  • Creating a clear vision of what you want is the first step to making it a reality. Module 4 is all about sparking your desires and exploring your interest in what you might create next.
  • You’ll be guided on how to tune in and turn on your light, as well as some killer tips on how to build an impactful vision board.


Module 5: Manifestation

  • Calling in is a constant process, but it begins on the inside.
  • The final module we introduce one of my most powerful visualization tools to help fuel your focus and get specific about making things real.
  • Get ready to re-cognize how you think of yourself, your power, and you’re the journey ahead.


Julia’s noted: Consider including:

    • Course welcome and video, instructor info
    • Contact and any coaching or scheduling information
    • How to prepare for this course
    • How long it will take
    • What to do when it is over, where to go with it
    • Connection to instructor and inspiration
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