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  •  Book/Teacher’s Guide/Toolbox
  • “Money Clips” Interactive Video Lessons


The Money Ride ® Personal Finance Education Solution uses an innovative brain-based learning approach to teach the fundamentals of personal finance. The Money Ride features plain language for easy reading, mnemonics for retention and context for comprehension and problem-solving. The book content and learning materials are aligned with the HEOA, CEE and Jump$tart financial literacy standards.


What others are saying about The Money Ride book and workshops…
…that experience when Mr. Busch spoke to our class has stuck with me during my 4 years in college. It was such a simple lecture, but his advice about saving money and using it wisely is so important! That one day alone has influenced the past 4 years for me. Thank you for inviting him to work with us!
– Collin R. Class of 2015
The Money Ride book and presentation helped me to better understand the world of personal economics. He introduced topics in a way that made them easy to comprehend even for a beginner.
– Robert F. / 12th Grade
The Money Ride presentation was the most relevant and applicable lesson I have ever had in school. I learned more about managing my own finances in three days than I had my entire life.
– Dion  S. /12th  Grade
“…Everything you said really stuck and was so easily understood… and as for the book, its great! Its short and to the point which is PERFECT for a student and someone who gets easily confused, especially about money… I’m honestly keeping this thing forever!  As soon as I’m finished, I’m going to give it to my parents…”
– Charlotte R. / 12th Grade
You presentation was super informative and got me thinking about aspects of money that I had never thought about before… I really like the “Jiminy Cricket” effect of your budget system… I started to save my receipts immediately and noticed so much useless spending!
– Luis F. / 12th Grade

Based on the self-help text and consisting of seven interactive video lessons (6-10 minutes in length).

The content uses brain-based learning techniques to cover money fundamentals, behavior and problem solving in the context of five the domains of money behavior: SPEND, SAVE, INVEST, PROTECT & BORROW.